Instagram is changing to a new layout

If you are a little OCD, and I think everyone who wants to make their Instagram feed visually pleasing has a slight tendency to perfectionism, you won’t be all that excited to hear that Instagram is changing its iconic 3×3 layout to a 4×4 layout.
The app’s developers have reportedly been testing a 4 x 4 layout, and look to implement the new design in next months.

For those who couldn’t care less about their grids, the change may seem minor and inconsequential. But for celebs, social influencers and anyone who uses Instagram for their business or for personal branding would need to adapt to these changes. Photos will be smaller in a 4×4 layout and anyone who used to align their grid in a specific order (Beyonce for example) will find this change would completely throw them off.

Opinions are divided whilst some are excited for a change, many are not pleased. Instagram has not provided an official statement yet, but it is believed that the app developers are trying to adapt to bigger screens. I personally am excited for the change as a more compact grid means that more photos are shown without scrolling, this means that people who stumble on to your feed get a better idea of what your Instagram is about straight away.

At this stage this is speculation — maybe the alterations really were just a glitch in the system. However if their testing history is anything to go by, now is probably a good idea to think of how you would deal with the change in the event that it does happen.

What do you guys think? Yes to change, or No I want to keep the old layout?