Social Media Management – let us look after it!

As a business owner you are faced on a daily basis with lots of different, new and demanding challenges. On top of that you are meant to post engaging content on Facebook, Tweet, or post on Instagram? It can be a lot! Too much for most.

Social Media started as a fun way to stay in touch with family and friends and to share photos with one another. Now it has grown into an affordable and vital marketing asset for all businesses of all sizes. The importance of social media marketing cannot be missed. The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018. (Statistica) Have you thought about you’re going to reach these potential customers in 2018?

In order for your business to compete with others and to stay current and relevant an active social media presence is without question a necessity.  A recent study from Pew Internet shows 2 in 3 adults use social media – by not utilising the potential of social media you and your business will be left in the past.

However, social media can be overwhelming if you don’t have the proper knowledge or time.  This is where we can help!

What will Marketing Fuel do for you?

  • Develop marketing strategies based on YOUR goals.
  • Set up your social media accounts.
  • Create personalised graphics specific for social media and your brand.
  • Post graphics and text on behalf of YOU.
  • Stay current and share on trends and news relevant to the YOUR business.
  • Aim to increase your number of followers.
  • Target customer specific audiences.
  • Monitor and report social media insights
  • Market analysis.

We understand that social media management has become a complex, multi-faceted role with the main aim to help a business to achieve its business goals.

Recent Case Study – Serendipity Ave

A New Zealand based fashion blog that has launched in 2015 and since then grown into an online presence of over 25k followers and an online store. The only form of advertising we have done for this business is through their social media channels and their website.

What started off as a hobby soon turned into a profitable business venture all thanks to social media campaigns that targeted customer specific audiences and tailored marketing campaigns to reach the right people.

If you would to hear more about how Marketing Fuel can help your business succeed – talk to us today. We are based in Hamilton, New Zealand but have worked with businesses all over New Zealand, and the USA. From our 100% satisfaction guarantee and flexible payment options to our commitment to getting you more customers working with Marketing Fuel on your social media marketing just makes sense.