What to post next?

It can be hard having to keep up your social media account with fun, relatable and engaging content. Trust me I struggle with this almost everyday.

Managing your business + social media can be overwhelming and quite often you find yourself staring at the screen thinking “What the heck should I post next?”.
There is just so much you can and want to talk about the products you sell, or the service you provide.

Posting on social media will help you to build long lasting and emotional connection with your customers. Your website should have all the important information on what you do, social media’s magic is that it goes beyond this.

My 5 bullet-proof things to post about when you run out of ideas :

1) News
If I run out of ideas, I let the news to the talking. Share local news or events that are happening in your city. Tip: try to be a bearer of good news rather than bad news .

2) Pets
Who doesn’t love pets? Trust me your followers will, which as a result will help you to create an emotional connection.

3) Quote
Funny, inspiring or motivational quotes ALWAYS work well. Pro Tip: use an image creation tool such as : Pablo to add your logo to the bottom of the quote. This will help you to be recognised if someone re-shares the quote.

4) Lol
Laugh a little, its contagious and your followers will love you for it. There is a reason why “funniest home videos” were such a hit TV show. People love to laugh, it is a great way to start building relationships.

5) Meme
If in doubt meme, people love them.