Why a great website is an essential part of your brand.

Today’s emerging generation (your current or potential future customers) have never known a life without the internet so the importance of having a web presence cannot be denied.


I hear you say “but I have a website…”, however in today’s world, having any old website is not enough. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, a great website is an essential part of your brand.


Below are Marketing Fuel’s 5 tips for a great website:

  1. Your website must correctly display your brand and who you are as a business. If you are running a professional business but your website is out-dated, complicated and not “pretty” then this will not give your customers a true indication of how your business works.
  2. Your website is your shop front and business identity in the online world and you should make the best first impression possible. First impressions are lasting impressions.
  3. Your website must be visually pleasing and easy to use on desktop, tablet and mobile. These days, almost everyone has a smart phone or a tablet/iPad so it is important your website caters for users on all devices.
  4. Your website should be easy to update without any coding knowledge. You should have the flexibility, tools and training available to update your images and text on your own website where and as needed.
  5. As your business evolves, so should your website! Your website should be constantly updated and reviewed to keep up with the ever-changing tastes of both you and your clients and to keep your information current and correct.

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