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Why Shopify might be right for you and your business!

Marketing Fuel New Zealand Shopify experts

Why Shopify? We like to call this platform the swiss army knife of all available e-commerce websites. But an all-rounded swiss knife hasn’t much use if you don’t know how to exactly use it/know about all the functions! We sat down with Wendy and Nami, both Shopify champions, to pick their brains and ask them a few…

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Happiness is a Skill – Personal Development

Marketing Fuel recently attended a self-improvement course with the Waikato Chamber of Commerce that was run by Sue Kohn-Taylor. Sue is a personal development and wellbeing coach that helps to elevate your personal and business performance, something that every person, from all walks of life can benefit from. Happiness is a Skill was the name…

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Shopping on Instagram

Instagram shop feature

Did you see it too? Us Kiwis have been patiently waiting whilst our overseas businesses have been using it for months already. But, the wait is over! The Instagram shop function is finally available in New Zealand and us at Marketing Fuel are so excited! What is the Instagram shop function? The Instagram shop function…

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Quick – it’s all changing!

Like everything in life, things evolve. The external environment of your business is continuously changing and evolving ALL THE TIME and so should your website! As a business owner, it is vital to know about these changes and to adapt to them to keep up with the trends of today. Technology allows us to connect…

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Increase your prices to get more business

Have you ever thought “how amazing would it be if I could increase the prices for my products or services, and in return I could attract more clients than I did at a lower fee AND correctly advertise my brands value? Well, when marketed right this dream can actually come true! Don’t believe us? Let…

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Social Media Management – let us look after it!

social media management - let us look after it blog post hamilton new zealand

As a business owner you are faced on a daily basis with lots of different, new and demanding challenges. On top of that you are meant to post engaging content on Facebook, Tweet, or post on Instagram? It can be a lot! Too much for most. Social Media started as a fun way to stay…

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Why You Need a website

Webdesign, why you need a website Hamilton New Zealand blog post

No matter what industry you’re in, websites are important for your business as they are your shop front and business identity on the web, which is available to potential customers 24/7/, 365 days a year. Whether you are a start up business, a large business, or you have a casual part-time hobby where you sell…

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Why ‘Followers’ or ‘Likes’ don’t equal success

Its almost two decades since the dawn of social media marketing and still to this day it is hard to measure the return of investment (ROI) of your daily social media efforts. There are so many intangible factors that are hard to put into figures such as SEO improvements due to consistent posting, the increase…

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What to post next?

What the heck to post next?1?! blog post Hamilton, New Zealand

It can be hard having to keep up your social media account with fun, relatable and engaging content. Trust me I struggle with this almost everyday. Managing your business + social media can be overwhelming and quite often you find yourself staring at the screen thinking “What the heck should I post next?”. There is…

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Instagram is changing to a new layout

Instagram News, New Layout for instagram? blog post Hamilton New Zealand

If you are a little OCD, and I think everyone who wants to make their Instagram feed visually pleasing has a slight tendency to perfectionism, you won’t be all that excited to hear that Instagram is changing its iconic 3×3 layout to a 4×4 layout. The app’s developers have reportedly been testing a 4 x…

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