Quick – it’s all changing!

Like everything in life, things evolve. The external environment of your business is continuously changing and evolving ALL THE TIME and so should your website!

As a business owner, it is vital to know about these changes and to adapt to them to keep up with the trends of today. Technology allows us to connect in real time with our customers and enables us to take advantage of social media as well as having our website as our 24-hour storefront.

A website that was built 5 years ago won’t have much use today. In fact, with the fast pace of technology changes, your website should be looked at, at least every month. This may come as a surprise to you and may seem like it’s too often but let’s face it, your website works for you 24 hours a day (your most dedicated employee!). How often do you check in with your other employees? How often do you check the performance of your business? I bet it’s more than once a month…

What should you check?

• Are your plug-ins still compatible with the platform it is hosted on, do some modules need modification?
• Are there any new add-ons to make your website more user-friendly?
• Is your current website attracting the right customers?
• Are your leads converting?
• Are your customers increasing or decreasing each month?
• Where are you ranked with Google?
• Has your Google ranking gone up or down?
• Do you have the right keywords throughout your website to help with SEO?
• What is your competition doing?
• Is your website still current with changes in the market?
• Is your original design still current and modern?

We could go on and on…but I think you get the point. To get best results, your website should be treated like your other employees, with care and constant attention.

We know that as a business owner you must wear so many different hats and time is not always on your side. As business owners and go-getters ourselves, we at Marketing Fuel understand this and therefore offer different packages to cater to your business needs as well as your current website, marketing, and social media needs!

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