Shopping on Instagram

Did you see it too? Us Kiwis have been patiently waiting whilst our overseas businesses have been using it for months already. But, the wait is over! The Instagram shop function is finally available in New Zealand and us at Marketing Fuel are so excited!

What is the Instagram shop function?

The Instagram shop function helps you sell products online by letting you tag/link products you sell in your Instagram posts. This allows your followers to easily purchase products from your Shopify store when they see something on your Instagram page that they love.

What do I need to be able to use this feature?

  1. A Shopify hosted website/online store.
  2. A product catalogue on your Facebook page?

How does the Instagram shop function work?

  1. Shoppable posts now have a little shopping bag icon. When users scroll through the feed, they see a shopping bag at the bottom left corner or a small white circle with the shopping bag icon on top of the image.

2. When Instagram users see your shoppable post, they can tap the image to view the product details. Pop-ups then appear with the product names and price details, as shown below. Note that there can be multiple products in one image.

Instagram shop feature

Instagram post with shop feature

Instagram shop feature

Instagram profile with shop feature

3. When users tap the product details tag, Instagram opens a new page in the app where they will see more a product description, price, product name, a large image of the product, similar products in your shop and a shop now button.

Instagram shop feature

Instagram product information

4. If they tap the Shop Now button, it takes them directly to your Shopify website for the corresponding product! Here they can add the item directly to the shopping cart to pay and order the product, as easy as that!

Sep-by-step instructions on how to Make an Instagram Post Shoppable

  1. Upload your Instagram Image – as you usually would
  2. Tag your product – you can either tag people in the image OR tag products
  3. When you tag products your shops current products will show up and let you select the one you wish to tag in the photo.
  4. After you select the appropriate product, you’ll return to the tagging screen where you can save the tag and then finish uploading your Instagram post.
  5. Your post will appear as shoppable with the shopping bag icon, as discussed earlier in this article.
Instagram shop feature

Uploading a post to Instagram

Instagram shop feature

Tagging your shop product on Instagram

Instagram shoppable posts present an exciting opportunity that many businesses should utilise. This new opportunity means access to reach millions of mobile shoppers on a platform that truly loves products and making e-commerce as seamless as scrolling and tapping through your feed. We love that Instagram is making it easy for customers to purchase your products – this is one Instagram upgrade that we LOVE!