Why Shopify might be right for you and your business!

Why Shopify? We like to call this platform the swiss army knife of all available e-commerce websites. But an all-rounded swiss knife hasn’t much use if you don’t know how to exactly use it/know about all the functions!

We sat down with Wendy and Nami, both Shopify champions, to pick their brains and ask them a few questions about why Shopify might be right for you!

What is your favourite part about Shopify and why?

I love that there are over 1000 apps that can be installed to your existing Shopify platform. This can really make your e-commerce store stand out in the market.
The ease of use is very important for us when we hand over our websites to clients. We want you to be able to use your e-commerce store without any coding or technical knowledge so you can focus on selling products.

Favourite Shopify Hack and Why?

I love that you can connect Shopify to Instagram and sell products through your Instagram posts….and it’s super easy to set-up!!

It is really important that the colours, font styles and vibe of your website correctly reflects your brand. This is why I love that we can customise a theme or plugin via CSS code if we need to! Sometimes we need to change the way a text looks or add a hover feature that isn’t readily available in the front-end of Shopify so I can jump in and edit this using code in the backend. Give me the technical stuff to me because believe it or not…I really enjoy it!

One cannot learn to swim unless jumping into the water and trying for themselves, so why wait? Get ahead with Shopify and start selling online today!

If you have any more specific questions about why Shopify might be right for your business or any other marketing needs, we are only a phone or email away – 0508 FUEL ME (3895 69) OR [email protected]



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